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Sera Tarım Tic .A.S.
is an enterprise included in Levi Mümessillik Group established in 1988 and specialized in all stages of agricultural production. Sera Tarım  is known all over Turkey mostly with its distributorship of imported hybrid seeds. Other activities Sera Tarım conducts are importation and distribution of machinery and  consumable goods for the agricultural production and food industry and the import and export of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sera Tarım is managed  by Mr. Hamit Abbasoğlu and Mr. Albert Biçaçi who are actively involved  in the financing and administrative activities of the Company.

The main operation field of Sera Tarım is packaging and exportation of fresh fruit and vegetables, specially tomatoes, which were grown under our control and packed in conformity with the European standards in our packaging stations  located in Mersin, Tokat and Gebze  with our electronical fresh fruit and vegetable sorting and classifying machines to be marketed in European countries with our brandnames Serex and Dr.Green. Especially in France our brandname Serex became one of the best known and most demanded brandnames. In our packing houses, besides tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic and shallots are packed specially to be served in domestic supermarkets.  Sera Tarım’s team of 10 agronomists work as the sales representatives besides giving the service of production controlling and consultancy in all regions of Turkey.

Fiser Fidecilik, the seedling production facility of Sera Tarım  is located  in Antalya and holds the title of being the first and most modern seedling production of Turkey. Fiser Fidecilik is equipped with latest technological machinery  and is proud to serve to the farmers of Antalya with its annual production capacity of 60.000.000 seedlings.

Another activity of Sera Tarım is the exclusive representation of the foreign companies leading in their line of activities. Principals of those companies are TDS-RYAN ( temperature recorders)  from U.S.A., ITW Gunther (edgeboards) from France and Conic System ( seeding machines and irrigation equipments) from Spain.

Besides all above activities, Sera Tarım produces and distributes Serex peat and Dr. Green peat  which the quality of it  is approved by the analyses of the international laboratories.


Range of activities:


  • Serex Fresh fruit and vegetables packaging, export and import department (Mersin)
  • Fiser Fidecilik seedling production facility (Antalya)
  • Istanbul Fresh fruit and vegetables packaging and  export  department (Gebze)
  • TDS Ryan Instruments- Temperature and Humidity measurement devices(U.S.A.)
  • Gunther Edgeboards ( France)
  • Conic System seeding machines and irrigation equipment( Spain)
  • Serex peat and Dr. Green peat production and distribution (Van)