Fiser Fidecilik A.Ş.
Antalya - Alanya Yolu 15. Km. Serik - ANTALYA 
Tel :
0 (242) 729 70 94      Fax : 0 (242) 729 71 67       e-mail  :

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Antalya - Serik Seedling Production Facility

Fiser Fidecilik A.S. is one of the biggest and most modern young plant nursery in Europe. Established in 1995 and located on the main highway between Antalya and Belek, Fiser Fidecilik has a very advantageous site. The heart of greenhouses and nurseries pulsate in Antalya which is a very special place with its climate and prosperous soil.

Fiser Fidecilik is established by the financial assistance and cooperation of Sera Tarım ve Ticaret A.Ş. who is at the same time sister company of Fiser Fidecilik.

Fiser Fidecilik is a leader in young plant production. In Turkey about 50 % of young plant production is made by Fiser Fidecilik and this is only 2-3 % of the total capacity in Turkey. The young plant production in Turkey is inclined to increase in near future.

Being installed by the best irrigation equipments and seeding machines imported from the leading companies in Europe like Conic Systems from Spain and DGT Volmatic from Denmark, and Adirom from Israel, Fiser Fidecilik A.Ş. deserves all the appreciation it gets from local farmers and the visitors from abroad.

The machines used in Fiser are chosen from all over the world to serve their purpose at best. From the beginning to the end production is made in healthy conditions with full automatic machines. The peat, fertilizer and vermiculite used in production are exported from Israel, Finland and Spain.

Located on an area of 30.825 square meter, Fiser Fidecilik A.Ş. has a covered area of 20.000 square meter, 18.000 square meter being greenhouses for small plant production areas and the remaining part the administration offices and general service unities.

There are 35 people working in Fiser Fidecilik A.Ş. 10 being in the administration department. Who works with all their effort for prompt delivery to the farmers.

Fiser guarantees a healthy and productive harvest with the small plants produced with great care and the newest technology.