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Tavşanlı köyü mevkii, Taşocakları yolu   GEBZE - İZMİT

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Serex is packaging any kind of fresh fruit and vegetables in it’s facility in Gebze. Being  the pioneer of the sector, Serex continues to work for supplying the healthiest and  cleanest products without any wastage. In order to avoid from the negative results caused by the problems of damaged products  in the field while growing, storing and transportation, Serex is making special plantings in several regions of Turkey and doing its best to make sure of the quality and health of the products. We  keep working on new projects with the purpose of development in our product range, increasing quality and presenting new products into the market. A
ll of our products are carefully packed and shipped inside carton boxes.

Patates Potatoes are washed in the machine before selection. After selecting, potatoes are dried and sorted according to sizes. Then, potatoes are weighed by precise weighing devices of electronically controlled 
machines. Packages are in the form of hand bags that can be carried 
very comfortably. We have 3 different packages: For boiling size (small) 
1 kg  and for cooking size (medium and over)  2 kg and 3 kg of packages are available.

Soğan Onions are selected in the machine and sorted according to sizes. Afterwards, they are weighed by precise weighing devices of electronically controlled machines. Packages are in the form of hand bags that can be carried very comfortably. Packed in 2 kg and 3 kg packages. Silver and purple onion varieties are also packed in the same standards.
Salam Soğan Tube package: White, silver and purple onions are packed in this way by selecting 4 onions to be put in one tube weighed approximately 1 kg.   Sarımsak Garlics, after chosen carefully and cleaned, they are weighed and put into packages of 250 gr. in computer controlled machines.

Shallots are also packaged with the same method and put into 500 gr. of bags.

The most juicy and strong carrots are selected and sorted according to sizes. After this process they are put inside packages of 1 kg.
Kristal Aubergine is one of our new products that presented in the markets. Specifications of this aubergine are being seedless, being not bitter and having a long shelf life. Length of the fruit is 20-22 cm.

Serex is selling tomatoes to many European countries besides France 
where Serex tomatoes are presented in Rungis wholesale market in 
Paris. In packaging stage, tomatoes are selected by electronic sorting 
and grading machines according to colour and size. Shipments are made 
in carton boxes.
Biber Italian pepper is close to hot pepper in taste  however not hot in taste, with thick flesh and easily peeled. This variety can be used in any kind of salads and dishes. The length is 22-26 cm.  

Serex started to produce spices in flowerpots in 2000 for 
the first time in Turkey. Growing with natural methods in 
the greenhouses of Serex, mostly sweet basil, mint, parsley, 
garden rocket, garden sage, dill are sold in the markets. 
The biggest advantage of having those herbs in flowerpots is 
to use them fresh every time.