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RYAN Temperature and Humidity Measuring Equipments

Ryan Instruments shows a large scale of products especially designed to monitor time/ temperature and / or relative humidity during transport from supplier to receiver. Temperature and humidity monitoring assures you that storage and shipping vendors meet your standards and provides you with important proof in case of a claim.

Ryan Instruments is responding to the constantly changing requirements and regulations in the field of storage and temperature-controlled transport.

Whether you are handling perishable foodstuffs or temperature-sensitive capital goods, Ryan Instruments has the answer for you.  

The TempTale 3 temperature recorders provides complete time and temperature tracking of your temperature sensitive products throughout the cold chain.

When programmed via the TTM software a red/green visible alarm alerts the user/receiver to out-of-range events. The units are lightweight, accurate and tested under NIST traceable standards Easy-to-use TempTale software provides graphing and data analysis.

Temperature range: -30°C to +85°C


The TempTale 4 is an electronic temperature monitor for maximum accuracy and reliability. With the TempTale 4' unique alarming features, on demand temperature history, and comprehensive TTM software package, managing your temperature sensitive products is now as simple as pressing a button.

Alarm criteria integrates time and temperature in single event or cumulative "time out of range" settings. The LCD indicates the Temptale 4 status: including activared, stopped, alarmed and time/temperature history.

Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C

Universal K   

Accurate , Easy-to-use, rugged, reusable and inexpensive

The Ryan Universal K is a single channel, strip chart temperature recorder. It provides a permanent record to temperature fluctuations that may affect quality and profits. This versatile unit can be used in warehouses, laboratories, manufacturing and processing plants, during shipment of products and in many other applications.

Temperatures can be continuously recorded up to 40 days. It is easy to operate, just push a button to start and stop. The clear window provides visible access to recorded data at any time. Chart and battery replacement is quick and easy. The Universal K is tough, portable, self contained, reusable and inexpensive. 

  Temperature Recorders

The EZT is completely self-contained and delivered ready for customer use. The convenient view-window allows easy documentation of the chart header (date, time, B/L, container number, receiver, etc.) and current temperature. Besides the ticking sound the EZT has a small window indicating if the recorder is working or not.

The Ryan EZT is secure: When the self-locking door is closed, the instrument is secure. A tamper-proof seal indicates security status. 
The Ryan EZT is flexible: Instruments are available in day spans of 5, 10, 20, 40, and 70 days. 


RYAN Ethylene Control

Etylene gas causes fruits to ripen & decay, vegetables & floral to wilt. Controlling ethylene gas after picking will extend the life cycle of your commodity allowing them to be held for a much longer period of time. 
While refrigeration & humidity slow decay, they don't halt 
the production of harmfull ethylene gas.

Ryan Ethylene Control products are composed of scientifically treated Power Pellets that react, when they come in contact, with ethylene gas. 
This chemical reaction oxidizes the pellets converting them into manganese dioxide, which becomes an excellent timed released organic fertilizer. 
No other product can make these claims and what's best it they are completely safe and biodegradable.

Ryan Ethylene Control pellets are sealed in a 5,9 or 26 gram teabag size pouch.