Serex Export Department

Örenköy - Silifke / MERSİN 
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Serex packaging house was established in April 1997 in Antalya which is among the leading cities of the production of undercover fruit and vegetables.The purpose of establishment was to serve World markets with  high quality products grown under control of agronomists, sorted and packed according to international standards. Serex Packaging company with it’s modern sorting and classifying machines process the products both for domestic distribution and for export purposes.

After operating 6 years in Antalya, Serex facilities moved to Silifke / Mersin in 2003 where the production greenhouses in Mersin are located around the packing house. The location provides many advantages like controlling the production of extra-quality fruit and vegetables we pack, having the opportunity to select the best products among them besides having close relations with the farmers.


The total area of packing house is 2.500 m² which 600 m² of it is allocated to the sorting and grading machine and managerial office. 600 m² of the packing house is used as warehouse and package preparing unit and 648 m² is spared for offices and workers apartment and dining hall. The number of employees is 100 in peak season and 50 in low season.

The washing, sorting and grading machine used in Mersin Serex is a corporate product of ITO, an  Italian company and Durand-Wayland, a U.S. company. Packaged products especially the tomatoes with the Serex brand   are processed by  machines equipped with the colourvision system  which sort the tomatoes according to their colour, quality and size. Serex brand tomatoes are packed  by this classification method and  receive great appreciation from the buyers.


The care and attention Serex pays to the packaging and transportation of  qualified products, also enables  the farmers from Antalya to increase the value of their crop.  The main foreign markets we serve are France, Holland, Germany and Italy.